Still Moving Under Gunfire

작곡: 임준걸

작사: 임준걸

Rap: MC Vader

Still moving under gunfire
Where the weak lies
When no one's beside
I will fight, till the end times
Till my knees cry
I'll get up, get up (yeah)

Still moving under gunfire
In the night sky
Where enemies hide
I will fight, till I die
Till the Morning Light
And Sunlight will shine on me (yeah)

Holy, Holy...
That Sunlight will shine on you
Just you, and me
Sunlight that comes from You...

Attention, attention
Rules of engagement
Don't make your intentions known
No mercy shown
To each his own
(xtra xtra bold)
Fashion or election
It's all about Xpression
How you make your stand
How you play your plan
That makes you the man
(xtra xtra loud)

* 가사 출처: 앨범 가사집 (입력: 청수)

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